Receiving XRP Rewards

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You will receive your XRP Rewards when your XRP MastercardⓇ Debit Card payment is complete. Generally, this may take up to 72 hours depending on the merchant; for example, transactions at gas stations or hotels may be charged as temporary holds at the time of transaction, and are updated at a later time, or certain merchants may process transactions as batches at the end of the business day. Certain online merchants will place a hold on the funds for your order and process the charge only once your order has shipped; in this case, you will get your XRP Rewards only after the order has shipped and the payment is complete.


Once  complete, you will receive your XRP cash back into the "Rewards Wallet" section of your GlobaliD Wallet. To find your Rewards Wallet, go to your GlobaliD Wallet and swipe right in the Wallet selector at the top of your screen.

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