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If you deposit funds into your GlobaliD Wallet from a U.S. bank account via ACH, it may take up to seven (7) days days for the funds to settle in your GlobaliD Wallet.

Note that there is a 65-day period following the time that you initiated the deposit, during which you may only convert these funds from one currency to another, or withdraw it to the originating bank account. You will not be able to send these funds to another person or to withdraw these funds to a different bank account or crypto wallet during this period. If you would like to send or withdraw these funds to a different bank account soonr, please deposit funds using a credit or debit card or from a crypto wallet.

Deposits from European bank accounts via SEPA may take up to two days to settle in your GlobaliD Wallet. There are no restrictions on the types of transactions you can do with these funds, provided you verify any required information when prompted.

If you plan on sending or withdrawing your funds within 65 days, deposit funds via credit/debit card or a crypto wallet:
• Navigate to your GlobaliD Wallet and tap the "Actions+" button
• Tap "Add funds"
• If it's the first time you've funded your wallet, you'll see a prompt to "Add funding source"; as an additional security measure, you may be asked to complete additional verifications, such as verifying your government ID or submitting your home address
• If you already have connected accounts, tap the "Change" button and then the "Add funding source" button
• To connect a crypto wallet, tap "Add funds via crypto" or to connect your credit or debit card, tap "Add funding source" and then "Add payment card"
• Once you've added a funding source, enter the amount you'd like to add to your GlobaliD Wallet and select your desired funding source from the drop down account selector
• Select the currency you'd like to deposit to your GlobaliD Wallet (conversion will be instant)
• Tap "Confirm" and review your transaction details in the pop-up. If everything looks correct, tap "Confirm transaction"
• If you have successfully added funds to your account, you will see the transaction reflected in the "Activity" tab of your Wallet, and you will receive both a confirmation notification in the GlobaliD app and a confirmation email from Uphold.

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