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Welcome to your new GlobaliD wallet!


In order to perform most actions with your GlobaliD Wallet, you'll first need to add funds.


Add Funds

  1. Tap the "Wallet" tab on the bottom of your screen to open your wallet

  2. Next, tap the "Actions +" button in the bottom-right

  3. Select "Add funds"

  4. Choose a bank account or debit card to add funds from

    1. With a debit card, you'll be able to use funds immediately

    2. If adding funds from a bank account, those funds may be subject to a 65-day hold before they can be transferred


  5. Select the currency you'd like your funds to be added in

    1. You may select any currency and your funds will be added in that currency (regardless of what the original currency was that you are transferring from)

  6. Enter the amount of funds you would like to add

    1. You must add at least the equivalent of $10 USD

  7. Double check the details and press "Confirm transaction" to finish adding your funds

You're now ready to use your funds! Try sending funds to a friend, converting funds to another currency, or using your card to buy a snack.

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