Card Delivery and Fees

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When you are approved for a Card, you will receive a free virtual card which you may immediately add to your digital wallet (e.g. Apple Wallet or Google Wallet) to start spending or use the Card information to transact online.

If you select to order a physical Card, you will be charged a one-time $9.95 issuance fee and will receive the card in approximately 10 business days.

To order a physical card:
• Navigate to your Wallet screen in your GlobaliD App and tap the "Actions +" button
• Tap "My cards" and select the relevant Card
• Tap the Gear icon to access your Card Settings and scroll down to the menu option "Order physical card"
• Follow the next steps to order your card and to pay the issuance fee. You will need to have at least $10 in USD balance in your wallet in order to pay this fee.

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