Contactless payments

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Contactless payments allow you to tap your physical card rather than providing a PIN or signature. They’re a safe way to make small payments, with secure encryption technology.

If contactless payments are not working with your card:

• If this is the first time you are using your card, you may need to use a card in an ATM or insert your card and enter your PIN at least once before contactless payments will work.

• Your card may not be activated. You need to activate your card to make any kind of payments. You can activate your card in the GlobaliD app by:
• Navigating to your Wallet screen in your GlobaliD App
• Tap the "Actions +" button
• Tap "My cards" and select the relevant Card
• If you have not yet activated your card, you should see a small banner that says "Enable my card"
• Enter the activation code you received in the mail along with your physical card.

Alternatively, you can call 1-855-568-8580 and follow the menu to activate your card.

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