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A GlobaliD Group can be 'Open', 'Closed' or 'Moderated', which has implications on who has the ability to join the Group.


An 'Open' Group is open for anyone to join.


A 'Closed' Group is invite-only, so in order to be admitted a member must receive an invite from a Group owner or admin.


For a 'Moderated' Group, members can apply to join the group, but their membership application has to be approved by the group's owner before they become members.


Joining a Group

You can join a Group from the GlobaliD Mobile app or Web app.


Regardless of the type of Group, it's always optional whether you want to share your membership to a group publicly or remain hidden.


While joining, if you select to keep your membership hidden, you will still be a complete member of the Group but your membership will be hidden to others.


Similarly, a Group Owner can choose to have the entire membership list for a Group to be hidden, in order to protect the privacy of its members.


The Group Owner or Admin can change this in Group Settings on the Global.iD Web App.

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