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Your GlobaliD key is a long sequence of randomly generated numbers and letters which are used to secure your GlobaliD. By saving your key somewhere safe, you'll be able to maintain access to your GlobaliD across devices.


If you are connected to your GlobaliD on a mobile device, you can find your key by following this article. If you are having trouble connecting to your GlobaliD, please see our article Need to access/restore GlobaliD.


1. Launch your GlobaliD mobile app, and go to the "Home" tab on the bottom of the screen


2. Tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen


3. Tap "Account Management"


4. Then, tap "GlobaliD key"


5. Enter your GlobaliD PIN if prompted. If you've forgotten your PIN, you will not be able to view your key.


6. Now, you should see your GlobaliD key. Please copy your key, or write it down somewhere where it will be safe and secure.



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