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Have you forgotten your GlobaliD Key? Or are you looking to connect to your GlobaliD from a new device? Unlike a traditional app, GlobaliD doesn't use passwords. Most people have a randomly-generated recovery key associated with their identity.


On your mobile device, follow the steps below to connect to your GlobaliD:


First, download the GlobaliD app from Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store.


Next, launch the app and choose "I have a GlobaliD already."


Now, enter your UNS username with which you created your GlobaliD identity.


If you do not remember your UNS username or see an error, please check the global directory found here. You may be using the wrong username.


If you provided your username correctly, you should see a list of options to restore your identity.


Many of these options will not work for you unless you set them up previously.


If you have your GlobaliD recovery key written down somewhere, you will want to choose "Enter GlobaliD key."


If not, iOS users will want to choose "Restore via iCloud" just in case they saved their recovery key to iCloud.

Enter GlobaliD key

Most members will want to try this option first.


Your GlobaliD key is a long sequence of random numbers and letters. Enter this key on the next screen to connect your GlobaliD.


If you are still connected to your GlobaliD on another device: you can find your key by following the steps in our article, "Where can I find my GlobaliD key?"


Enter recovery phrase

Most GlobaliD members do not have a recovery phrase (a collection of 12 random words in a specific order).


If you do, you may choose "Enter recovery phrase" to connect your GlobaliD.


Make sure you type each word in the correct order.


Restore via iCloud / Google

If you've set up iCloud recovery, choose the "Restore via iCloud" option.


You should receive an SMS text message to the phone number that you used to create your GlobaliD.


If you do not receive an SMS, try tapping the back button in the upper-left, then tapping "Restore via iCloud" again. If you still do not receive an SMS, you will not be able to connect your idenetity with this method. Please try another method in this article.


Next, you will be asked for your GlobaliD PIN. If you do not know your GlobaliD PIN, you will not be able to connect your identity with this method. Please try another method in this article.


If you see the error "failed to decrypt" that means your PIN was entered incorrectly. Please try again.


Are you still having trouble connecting your GlobaliD?

1. Choose the option "I need help restoring my identity."


2. Next, you should receive a 6-digit code to the phone number you used to sign up for GlobaliD.


3. Submit the code and your GiD details using this form.

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