What is GlobaliD?

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GlobaliD is your secure digital identity. Verify your IDs and safely sign up for services online. Always be prepared with your most important IDs encrypted on your device and at your fingertips.

With GlobaliD, you can:

- Digitize your most important IDs so you never have to carry plastic again.

- Verify your IDs to sign up for services like banks, exchanges, and online marketplaces.

- One click copy ID numbers. Tired of typing your ID information? Us too.

- Stop sharing pictures of your ID. Instead, share just the bare minimum.

- Login to sites online without annoying passwords. Scan a QR code to securely access your accounts with multi-factor authentication.


At GlobaliD, we’ve developed a privacy-first, highly secure and encrypted platform—one that allows individuals full control over their unique digital identities and bypasses insecure usernames and passwords. Join us and let’s change the way identity works forever.


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