Restoring my identity: it says I need to provide my universal name

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If you are having trouble restoring your identity with the recovery key you saved, please check when you set up your GlobaliD identity.

If your identity was setup before July 4, 2023 - it has been sunset and you will not be able to recover your old profile. Rest assured your data has been properly deleted from all our servers and your privacy and security remains our top priority.

Since July 4, 2023 we have asked all our existing users to re-onboard to migrate to a new username ledger, Universal Namespace. Here is more info about Universal Namespace.

Also, here is an article which explains the reason for the migration and what this means for all users:

So what happened to all the data from the old identity profiles created before July 4, 2023?

All of the old profile data was permanently deleted so all of the personal information managed by our users is secure.

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