You can earn XRP on purchases using your XRP MastercardⓇ Debit Card on eligible purchases at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. The following types of purchases are not eligible for rewards: transfers, incoming transactions, peer-to-peer transactions, outgoing transactions where you are the beneficiary, cash withdrawals including ATM transactions, cash advances, fees, chargebacks, adjustments, or wire transfers. Please refer to the XRP Mastercard Debit Card Terms of Rewards for more information.

Examples of excluded transactions include:
• ATM transactions (cash withdrawals)
• Sending funds to friends, e.g. Venmo or Cash App (peer-to-peer transactions)
• Deposits to crypto trading platforms (outoing transactions where you are the beneficiary)
• Certain regular payments, such as a mortgage or auto lease payment, may be ineligible since they may be processed as wire transfers.

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